Audience Development

The role of the Audience Development is demanding and constantly evolving, and for the past 28 years ASPEN Media has been helping clients meet their audience development goals on time and within budget.

With a changing marketplace and increasingly tight budgets, your telemarketing solutions have to be smarter, faster, better and more affordable. All without compromising quality.

We are a proud member of the BPA Telemarketing Advisory Committee and our audit knowledge and experience across all audit bureaus, sets us apart from others.  We are able to suggest ways to maximize your budget, while complying with all rules and guidelines.  We also go the extra mile and will provide assistance during your time of audit.

Your Aspen project team includes expertise from quality control, field operations, project management and programming. Beyond valuable insight and input, we’ll help you build a strong, effective telemarketing script and keep your subscriber demographics and advertising dollars on track.

Delivering Results

ASPEN believes in 5 key elements that keep us delivering results year after year.

  • We accurately track key metrics – for example: if list has a high percentage of bad/disconnected numbers, we’ll turn them off. This helps increase list productivity.
  • Agent Training & Skill level – we train on broad based skills such as etiquette, product knowledge and role playing.
  • Alignment of product, market & message – we match up the appropriate team of agents to best represent your product or services.
  • Nurturing Strategy – we believe in the “human touch” and our clients find that they can capitalize on other opportunities when on the phone, including incorporating revenue generating modules.
  • Multi-media Integration – we offer e-mail follow up as well as voice mail messaging, fax and direct mail options.