If you are already using an answering service to assist in your business operations, or you’re considering outsourcing one, there may be some things you aren’t aware of. So to help you make the most of your outsourcing experience, we are presenting 10 things you didn’t know about answering services.

We will also discuss what answering services are and how they can help streamline your customer service and other operations in your business. 

What Is an Answering Service?

An answering service is a company contracted by your business to take care of customer inquiries and handle other administrative tasks. With an answering service, your customers can get answers to their questions quickly and easily.

There are many different types of call center answering services out there. Some companies specialize in one particular aspect, such as call handling or complicated email routing, while others provide a variety of functions. 

At ASPEN, we offer many unique services to ensure that all of your business’s call center needs are met. We invite you to contact us if you need call center answering services. We’ll help you determine which services are the best fit for your business and your customers.

What Are the Different Types of Services?

There are many different types of call center answering services out there. Again, some outsourcing operations focus on just one service. But here at ASPEN, we help you achieve your company’s goals by providing a wealth of services to fit your needs, including:

Our extensive specializations ensure that you don’t have to look elsewhere for the services you need. By offering comprehensive call center answering services under one roof, you can look forward to a more cost-effective solution.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Answering Services

1. Customized Response

When you outsource an answering service, you get to decide what kind of responses they provide to your customers. In doing so, you can be sure to offer a seamless customer service experience. What’s more, your clients won’t know that you’re outsourcing an answering service. Instead, those who call in will think they’re talking to your in-house staff.

2. Streamlined Scheduling

When you hire experienced, established, and reliable call center answering services, you will have trusted team members to take care of your scheduling needs. They can book appointments, make adjustments to your schedule, and much more.

3. Full Customer Service Experience

One of the best parts of outsourcing call center answering services is the incredible customer service experience they offer. Your clients will appreciate the professional assistance, and you will appreciate how much smoother your business runs.

4. Live Chat

Advance outsourcing companies offer live chat services that give your online patrons an additional resource for getting assistance. Live chat is efficient, fast, and highly optimized.

5. Tech Support

Customer service needs often extend far beyond ordering and scheduling. This is why it’s so beneficial to have an outsourcing agency that’s experienced in technical support. They can answer difficult questions about your products and services, thus enhancing the customer experience.

6. Order Entry

When you have an outsourcing agency that’s trained in order entry, you can effectively free up valuable time for your in-house staff, allowing them to focus on other areas of your business.

7. Efficient Email Response

Trying to respond to hundreds or even thousands of emails is a time-consuming task that saps your company of valuable time. But with a highly capable agency handling this for you, your business will benefit in more ways than one.

8. No More Voicemail

Voicemail was cool when it first came out, but consumers have grown to despise it. Instead of meeting your clients with a brick wall, call center services ensure that they get a live agent without relying on voicemail.

9. Always Available

You and your regular staff need time off just like everyone else. However, this limits when you can respond to your customers’ needs. An answering service can ensure that someone is always available, thus improving your business model and giving your clients more options.

10. More Languages

Call center answering services often employ people who speak more than one language, thereby allowing you to serve more people than you normally would.


If you’re looking for a fast, affordable way to get a customer service team in your corner, you’ve found it with an answering service. These days, there are more reasons than ever before to use an answering service: they’re easier to use, they’re more affordable, and they’re more convenient than ever before. So contact us today to find out how we can help you and your customers enjoy a better answering service experience.

Call Center Solutions to Meet Your Needs

When you call on ASPEN Media, you get call center answering services that help you meet your customers’ needs. We offer outbound and back-office services to bring you a comprehensive approach to customer service. What’s more, we are committed to building long-term relationships and developing beneficial cross-referrals. So get in touch with us today at 303-786-9500 to discuss how our call center answering services can benefit your business and your customers. Or, just fill out our contact form, and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

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