Inbound call center

Costly Mistakes Law Firms Make Managing Their Inbound Calls

The legal industry is vastly different from most others, as clients often have access to their attorneys at all hours of the day in the event that questions needs answered or new information comes to light.

BPO call center

Your Answering Service & Business Process Outsourcing

As a business owner, you want to ensure greater efficiency throughout your company, reduce your hiring costs, and become more flexible in your operations. To achieve these goals, you should consider hiring a BPO call center to assist you.

hiring a call center

5 Things To Know Before Hiring A Call Center

Working with a call center is an exciting proposition. First, it’s an excellent opportunity to focus on other areas of your business since you will have professionals handling specific needs for you.

wfh call agents

Call Center Tips For Your WFH Call Agents

Working from home is becoming more prevalent than ever before because of COVID-19. As such, it’s new ground for many people, most of whom aren’t familiar with the challenges it brings. And as a result of the unfamiliarity, it can be very difficult for people working from home to be productive in their duties.

Appointment setting Lead generation

3 Differences Between Lead Generation and Appointment Setting

In our last discussion, we covered lead generation and its importance in the overall sales process. Feel free to click here to read the complete article. If you recall, lead generation is one of the very first steps in the sales process, and without it, you won’t have prospects to pitch to.