Email marketing is a powerful way to engage with customers, but not everyone has the time or expertise to manage such an undertaking. If you don’t have someone on your team who can handle inbound email marketing for your business, outsourcing it to a company like ASPEN could be the solution you’re looking for. 

However, understanding what inbound email monitoring and processing entails is the first step towards improving your inbound marketing process. So let’s explore this marketing concept to see what kind of value it brings to you and your clientele.

What Is Inbound Email Monitoring & Processing?

Inbound email monitoring and processing can be defined as. A customer reaching out to you via an email, which triggers one of two actions:

1. The customer receives a response from your customer service department.
2. You reply back directly to the customer via an automated reply message sent out by your outsourcing service

These options ensure that you’re delivering immediate responses to your customers. This is essential if you want to maintain optimal customer satisfaction and support.

As such, the functions of inbound email monitoring and processing analyze the customer emails coming into your business. The other function is to monitor and respond to those emails in a timely manner.

The first step in the process is for the automated reply messages sent out by your customer service department or your outsourcing service. They analyze each incoming customer email and determine what kind of response it should get from your business. 

After analyzing each incoming email, your outsourcing service then sends an automated reply message to that customer from one of your company’s contact points. 

But in order to achieve this automation, you must first provide all relevant information about your company and its employees to whoever will be sending out these emails as automated replies. This information includes:

1. A list of all contact points for your business (business phone number, cell phone number, email address, etc.)
2. A list of all desired responses that can be sent with the automated reply message (customer service department response or direct Reply-to-Customer response)

But why would you want or need this kind of response system in your business? Join us as we reveal the benefits of inbound email monitoring and processing in your company and why outsourcing these services will afford you the time you need to focus your attention and resources elsewhere.

Why Do You Need Inbound Email Monitoring and Processing?

Inbound email marketing is a powerful way to engage with customers. However, it can take up quite a bit of your company’s time and resources. By outsourcing this service to us, we can effectively manage things like:

  • Email delivery receipt confirmation
  • Follow-up confirmations
  • Webform submissions
  • Alarm notifications 
  • Trouble tickets
  • Orders
  • Triage
  • And more

By understanding inbound email monitoring and processing, you can take the first step toward improving your inbound marketing efforts. On that note, let’s examine some fundamental steps you can take right now to help improve your inbound marketing.

5 Tips to Improve Your Inbound Marketing Process

We want to help you make the most of your inbound marketing efforts. At ASPEN, we’ve developed efficient and effective methods for improving marketing, customer service, and more. Below, you will find some tried-and-true ways of maximizing your inbound process.

  • Create a business email address
  • Set up your customer service email, which will be used for your inbound marketing
  • Create a separate email address where you’ll send automated replies to customers who have reached out to you
  • Add your customer service and automated reply emails to the inboxes of your most engaged customers
  • Test different automation messages with your best customers and learn what works best for them

At ASPEN, we work directly with you to ensure that we’re providing a comprehensive outsourcing service that meets your needs and the needs of your clients. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service throughout our inbound and outbound call centers

Therefore, you can trust that you’re getting experienced customer service representatives who are dedicated to success. Like you, we strive for optimal customer satisfaction. So let us complement your efforts by implementing our strategic inbound call center services

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