Working with a call center is an exciting proposition. First, it’s an excellent opportunity to focus on other areas of your business since you will have professionals handling specific needs for you. It’s also interesting to see how the call center operates. You can learn a lot from the company to implement into yours later.

But before all that, you need to make sure that you hire the right team for the job. To help you with this, we’re sharing 5 things to know before hiring a call center. Read on to learn the essentials of call center outsourcing so you can make the best decision for your business.


You have to know what kind of availability the call center has before hiring them. It’s important to establish whether their hours are flexible enough to meet your needs. You also need to know the hours of the day that they will be taking calls to ensure that they coincide with your hours of operation. 

If you need a call that is available 24/7, it could limit your options considerably. You also have to factor in holidays and whether the call center works those days. You might not honor certain holidays, but they might and vice versa.


Does the call center offer inbound services, outbound services, or both? Inbound services typically consist of customer support, answering questions, accepting payments, and taking calls in general.

With outbound services, the call center is the one placing calls to clients, not the other way around. What’s more, an outbound call center might assist with sales, lead generation, and surveys.

These services are essential in growing your company. Figure out what your business can benefit from the most and choose a call center based on your needs.


You can typically count on call centers to provide you with detailed reports on any information or data you require. However, there are some that keep only very basic records that don’t help improve your business.

As such, it’s important to establish beforehand whether the call center offers the data and information you need. For example, do you need recordings of the calls taken? Perhaps you need detailed analytics regarding the customers who called in.

When you have more information about who’s calling and why you can use this data to improve your business operations and the customer experience. But if a call center doesn’t offer the record-keeping you need, you’ll know to move on to the next candidate.


Some businesses get a lot of calls each day. Others get very few. You need to hire a call center that can accommodate your call volume. If it’s typically rather high, for example, you can ensure an optimal customer experience by hiring a call center with the right number of technicians. 

You’ll also want to provide the call center with a fairly accurate representation of how many calls you get each month. This will help the call center in planning out each week to ensure that you have the right amount of technicians assisting your customers.  


Call centers have experience in communications and customer relations. Those should be a given. But equally important is whether the call center has experience in your industry.

For example, if a business sells phones and tablets, it will benefit more from a call center that has worked in the telecommunications industry. They don’t necessarily need to be experts in your particular brand. But knowing enough where it will be easy to learn about your company will ensure greater efficiency.

You can expect to spend some time getting every call center on the same page. But one with the experience you need will make things go much smoother. And as a result, your customers will have a better experience when they call in. 

At ASPEN Media, we understand the importance of providing your clients with the best service possible. When you secure our services, you can look forward to knowledgeable, friendly, and professional assistance. We strive to provide a seamless transition from our call center to your sales floor. 

So if you’re ready to work with an experienced call center that values growth and is committed to excellence, contact the professionals at ASPEN today. We will be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss the best solution to your needs. 

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