Businesses of all kinds today need to be more customer-focused than ever before to stay competitive in the digital era. With the rise of e-commerce, online marketplaces, and social media, companies are constantly challenged to create and sustain their brand visibility.

To succeed in this environment, companies must focus on understanding their customers’ needs and wants and constantly evolve to meet those demands.

Customer journey mapping is a strategy used to explore and depict the different steps a customer takes as they interact with your business and come to a final product or service together as a user.

It is important for businesses of all types, as it can help you better understand your customers, their needs, and their trust in you as a business.

What Is a Customer Journey Map?

A customer journey map is a graphical representation of the path a customer takes while interacting with your business. Typically, it is used to illustrate the different stages a customer goes through as they interact with your business, from the initial touchpoint to the ultimate conclusion. 

These touchpoints are often referred to as “moments of truth,” where customers can make informed decisions about your brand and your product. In other words, a customer journey map illustrates the various stages a customer goes through throughout their relationship with your business and helps you see where you are succeeding and where you can improve.

A customer journey map can reveal information about your customers’ past relationships with other brands, their preferred channels of communication (email, phone, social media, etc.), their pain points, and more. 

Knowing these details can help you build a stronger relationship with your customers and create a more personalized experience for them.

Why Is Customer Journey Mapping Important?

The rise of the digital economy has drastically changed how businesses operate and market themselves. With this shift in the way consumers interact with products and brands, businesses must become even more customer-focused than ever before. 

Understanding your customers on a personal level can be extremely valuable—knowing what channels your customers are using to interact with you, as well as their preferred communication methods, can help you become more accessible to them. This can help build trust and loyalty with your customers, as well as increase conversions.

A customer journey map can help you gain insights into your customers’ needs, pain points, and challenges. This information can help you develop products and services that are more relevant to your customers and can help you improve your overall customer satisfaction rate.

How to Create a Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map should be created through observation and research. You should start by mapping out your current customer journey and identify the stages where your customers are and are not succeeding. From there, you can create a customer journey map of your ideal customer journey based on what your customers need, want, and expect.

To begin, review your customer interactions and conversations to identify the different stages where customers interact with your business. Next, create a customer journey map of your ideal customer journey based on these interactions. 

By identifying the different stages of your customer’s interactions with your business, you can better understand their needs and expectations.

Steps to Creating a Customer Journey Map

Start by identifying your current customer journey and your ideal customer journey. From there, identify the touchpoints where these customer journeys intersect. From your customer journey map, identify the challenges and pain points you are currently experiencing and where you would like to see growth. 

From there, identify the steps you can take to solve these challenges and how you can increase growth in certain areas. You can then identify your biggest advantages. From there, develop plans to overcome any obstacles and ways to make adjustments along the way.


A customer journey map can help you identify where your customers are struggling, as well as identify pain points and challenges where you are currently experiencing growth. From there, you can see where you want to take your business and how you can achieve this. 

Customer journey mapping can help you identify areas for growth and can also help you identify the challenges and pain points of your customers and the channels they use to interact with your business.

Get Started on Your Customer Journey Mapping Project

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